How do you wake up each morning?

Written by Kiki Athanas, In-House Wellness Expert @ Calii Love and Founder of

It is with a literally ALARMING alarm bell, a rushed to-do list, and maybe (if you’re lucky) squeezing in a coffee + whatever breakfast food you can fit in a single hand? While taking time at night to unwind, reset, and be still is often a lot easier than the same sort of “meditation” upon rising – you may want to find a way to incorporate a bit of stillness into your morning routine anyhow.

Taking time (and I’m only talking 5-10 minutes here!) to check in with your body and your mind, and consciously and with kindness give yourself exactly what you need first thing when you wake up sends the signal that you are worthy, loved, and literally puts yourself into the flow. You know that vibe – when everything is going effortlessly your way (or something like it), and you feel productively awesome! Rather than hurry about your day like your late for life, take 5 to enjoy some big deep belly breaths or maybe a quiet (or soundtracked!) meditation. Set the tone for your day, and trust that you’ll be SO glad you did.

Want some inspo? I hear you!

Being mindful looks different for everyone, and while it may involve some trial and error to find exactly what makes your morning as juicy and valuable to the rest of your day as possible – here are a few suggestions based on the personal experiences of a few “experts” when it comes to Mindfulness…

“It’s important to me to stay unplugged for at least a couple hours in the morning, if I can. I’ve learned that this is a really important part of cultivating the overall mindset and disposition I want! I always like to start my morning off with some movement, either some living room yoga or a jog outside. After that, if I have time, I’ll meditate for around 15-20 minutes on the grass on the church backyard behind my house and pull some tarot cards for guidance for my day ahead. If I don’t, I get right to work. With coffee!”

@kait_fowlie /, Tarot reader, reiki practitioner and moon watcher

“Upon awakening I plug into a Yoga Nidra meditation, an ancient tantric meditation practice which allows me to replenish and restore my body even more. This has been the most profound meditation I’ve experienced. After my first experience I haven’t stopped, it brings me to a higher, more conscious state, allowing my body to heal as I drop into the magical Alpha-Theta brain state. Now who doesn’t want that?”

Lane Kennedy, Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Nidra Teacher

“The first thing I do when I wake up is make either a chai tea or coffee, depending on what I feel like doing that day. Then I go straight to my meditation spot and meditate for at least 15 minutes which helps me clear my mind. Next I open up my journal and write out a “diary entry” as though whatever I am creating in my life has already happened. This can be a gratitude list for the things I’m manifesting, describing what happened as what I’m manifesting showed up or writing out the thoughts and beliefs I’ll have when my manifestations show up in the physical. FinallyI’ll say all of that out loud, which is the most powerful and effective practice you’ll ever implement.” 

Brooke Alexander, Coach & NLP trainer: | instagram:

“I take my morning routine from the HMS Log Book, and upon rising, my first thoughts are directed towards Gratitude & Intention Setting. As I slowly wake and stretch, I contemplate all the people and situations that bless my life and give me joy. This sets the dial of my day to gratitude and grace. My intentions sound something like this: I choose to experience ease, happiness and healthy living today.”

Jen Snyder, Author of the HMS Log Book

“My morning routine consists of many things that all work together to get me unblocked and in flow for the day. I start with a quick 10-15 minute run. I do this purely to shift my state, mindset and energy from sleeping to awake. That’s my only goal. I often wake up feeling groggy or anxious so this gets my energy moving and connects me to my body and breath quickly. I then will make an herbal tea and sip it while I meditate to beautiful ambient music. I just sit and let my mind roam free. Seeing what parts of me would like to speak and taking time to witness them. I find when I do this they tend to be more relaxed and quiet throughout the day so I can focus on what’s most important to me instead of being distracted.  I wrap up my rituals with 5 minutes of breathwork to further clear the channels and 5 minutes of charging up my sexual energy with some kegels and pelvic rocking. Then, I am complete.

I sometimes write, I sometimes pull a tarot or oracle card. I sometimes say a prayer. I sometimes even dance. But I always move, breathe and meditate. Oh, and tea, drink tea of course.”

Jennifer Mansell, Certified Breathwork Facilitator + Somatic Coach @jlmansell

There you have it, real life suggestions for a better morning that leads to a better… real life.

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