Calii love :food space

The Calii Love Story


Calii Love is a place to catch your breath. A space between work and home, inspired by Californian sun and Hawaiian breezes. We’re more than a restaurant. We’re more than a coffee shop. We’re a wellness hub. For everyone.

Everything we do starts and ends with our mission: spread positivity, inspire healthier communities, and deliver happiness — one person, one bowl, and one smile at a time. It’s food that tastes good and is good for you.

If you’re striving to be healthier, you’ll find much to enjoy here.


Respect is at the core of what we do. Respect for the quality of our ingredients, the places they come from, and the people coming to eat them.

The creation of every recipe is the result of our nutritionist and chef working closely together to ensure our dishes are exciting, healthy, and fresh. From there, we work with our partners to mindfully source our ingredients in a sustainable way that respects our planet.

Because after all, the earth deserves some love too.