Calii love :food space

The Calii Love Story


To positively uplift, inspire healthier communities and deliver happiness one person and one bowl at a time.

While everything we do starts and ends with the products we create, it also extends to every aspect of the brand. From our physical store, the people we hire and serve to our social presence. This is just the beginning.

Calii Love started from the idea that a grab and go food place could be more than just your everyday salads and bowls. We decided to take that experience and elevate it with positive emotions, wellness and a sense of community. Where we could be your third place between home and work.


Every decision we make at Calii Love starts with a respect for our ingredients, the purpose for those ingredients and where they come from.

Our recipe development process always involves a conversation between our nutritionist and our chef about what we really want to make based on which ingredients are healthy, good and in season. Then we work with our partners and suppliers to mindfully source our ingredients to meet our sustainability standards. We try to find products where we can buy direct.

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