Calii Love is a quick-counter service spot where you can enjoy delicious poke, salad, and grain bowls made with organic, high quality, and sustainably sourced ingredients. We provide a casual and inviting dining area for those who have the time to relax, sit down, and catch up with friends for their meal.

We also cater to those on-the-run with a wide range of quick take-out options in environmentally friendly takeaway containers.

We offer a selection of pre-determined salads, wraps, and bowls on our grab and go menu as well as the option to build your own custom poke, salad, or grain bowl, which are as colourful as they are customizable. Fresh and made to order, you will satisfy all your cravings while fueling your body with all the nutrients it needs– perfect for those feeling creative!

Your custom bowls are made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients that benefit your body as well as they benefit our planet, delivered straight to your hands from our kitchen ready to be eaten and enjoyed. With endless options and flavour combinations, our menu options change by the season and vary from location to location, so you get plenty of choice and menu options that truly reflect the seasons.

All you need to do is choose your size and pick your base that go way beyond boring with a mix of salad, vegetables, zucchini noodles, or rice. Then, select your protein from our list of options, which include many vegan and vegetarian-friendly choices, too! Choose your favourite 4 to 6 toppings, depending on the size you opt for from over 30 carefully selected options. Lastly, load it up with sauce of your choice and add some heat where you want it. Top it off with sesame seeds, soy nuts, pea shoots, and more to add the finishing touches for texture, flavour, and taste. With this many choices, your poke, salad, and grain bowl options are endless. Please note that some items may not be available at all locations.


Calii Box

Small Bowl

Regular Bowl

Pick your base

House Greens | Red Cabbage | Spinach | Chopped Kale | Calii Kelp Noodles | Warm Quinoa | Black Rice | Sushi Rice

Pick your protein

Raw Salmon | Raw Tuna | Baked Salmon + extra $6
Baked Falafel | Baked Chicken | Roasted Chicken Leg (Available for Regular Bowl Only) + extra $5
Baked Tofu | BBQ Pulled Jackfruit + extra $3.5

Pick your toppings

Shiitake Mushrooms | Baked Chickpeas | Spicy Broccoli | Shredded Carrots | Roasted Carrots | Turmeric Cauliflower | Cauliflower Rice | Cucumber | Edamame | Pickled Ginger | Jalapeño | Kimchi | White Onion | Mango | Watermelon Radish | Pico de Gallo | Za'atar Sweet Potato | Cherry Tomato | Wakame | Smashed Avocado | Crispy Shallot | Vegan Feta Cheese | Black Beans | Hemp Hearts | Spicy Pumpkin Seeds | Coconut Flakes | Espresso Walnut | Cashew-Pecan Bacon | Sunflower Seeds | Puffed Rice | Miso Lotus Root | Roasted Beets | Roasted Chayote | Roasted Green Beans

Extra Toppings + $1

Pick your sauce

Chipotle Nacho Ranch (Vegan - Gluten Free) | Sweet and Spicy Shoyu (Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Spicy) | Wasabi Aioli (Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Spicy) | Sriracha Mayo (Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Spicy) | Maple Miso (Vegan - Gluten Free) | Cilantro Lime (Vegan - Gluten Free) | Tahini Caesar (Vegan - Gluten Free)

Extra Dressing +$0.5

Our dressings are house-made

Top it Up

Spiced Soy Nuts | Calii Spice | Nori | Sesame Seeds | Pea Shoots