Healthy Food Franchise - Spread the Love


Calii Love is a place to catch your breath. A space between work and home, inspired by Californian sun and Hawaiian breezes. We’re more than a restaurant. We’re more than a coffee shop. We’re a wellness hub. For everyone.

Everything we do starts and ends with our mission: spread positivity, inspire healthier communities, and deliver happiness — one person, one bowl, and one smile at a time. It’s food that tastes good and is good for you.

If you’re striving to be healthier, you’ll find much to enjoy here.


We are seeking franchisee partners who believe in more than just owning a business.

In order to replicate the success we have seen so far, we will continue to stay true to our values and our mission as we grow.

We will approach every franchisee partner with the same care and support we have given to our own stores from day one. Potential franchisee partners are established within their communities and know their potential customers. We’re looking for experienced and qualified multi-unit partners, but will consider qualified candidates who wish to open single locations.


We are currently focusing on finding qualified franchisee partners in major Canadian and U.S markets. For International opportunities we will consider qualified partners that are open to investing in larger territories.


For more information about being part of our family, please visit this link to get started.