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Written by Kiki Athanas, In-House Wellness Expert @ Calii Love and Founder of MEByKiki.com.

A new calendar year brings new energy and a spiritual shift in your being amongst our ever-changing world. While you may feel tempted (or downright pressured) to commit to one (or a long list of) “new year resolutions”, this “should” feeling can end up doing more harm than good and have you feeling like a “failure”. Furthermore, it’s usually before you’ve even had a chance to embrace and enjoy your chosen shifts and new developments in the right direction. Whether or not you decide to “commit” to a “resolution” this year, it’s ever more important to simply rely on your internal “success mechanism” that is there working hard for your utmost contentment – if only you let it.

Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind – and truly FEEL into – in order to simply ALLOW the positive changes you so desire to fall perfectly into place this year…

1. The key is to act “just as if” you are already in attainment of your goals & dreams.

Think, breathe, live as if it’s already happening/end – this expands your consciousness and allows you to step into the role necessary to actually turn it into reality, naturally and effortlessly. Know that your nervous system can’t tell the difference between an actual experience and one that is vividly imagined.

2. Don’t let “setbacks” set you back.

Goals are achieved literally by making mistakes along the way – that’s precisely how they work. Rather than identifying with the “mistake” itself, use it as a guidance to how (and in what direction) you need to change. Think of it this way: when your car’s gas tank lights up as LOW you don’t automatically think: “Wow, this car is completely useless.”. No, you go and get gas. When you’re feeling out of sync with who/what/when/where you want to be – use that information to steer you back on track.

3. Your goals must be made without effort if they’re going to be successful.

Form a clear mental image of your desired end result, and then take steps and practice with ease towards attaining that goal. As soon as things feel tough/out of alignment – it’s a sign that you need to switch gears to make things fun, easy, and ultimately: effortless. Physical relaxation (literally stopping to actively and consciously relieve muscle tension, simply by thinking about relaxing) can be a huge help with this.

4. Stay present with it.

Anxiety occurs when you are trying to escape something mentally that you’ve decided to go through with physically. Remember that you are in control and can always change your mind when and if you’d like to – regardless of what other people say or whatever “doomsday” mental image you’ve worked up in your head. The next time you feel anxious, get present and ask yourself the question: “What can I react/respond to in the here and now?”

5. Maintain a goal-oriented mindset and somewhat aggressive attitude in the face of threat.

Rather than buckle under the pressure of sticking with what might be challenging, use that very situation itself as a stimulus to release your untapped powers. We naturally perform better under pressure if we keep our eye on the prize and don’t let our inhibitions take over and get in our way. Planning on more social fame and fortune this year? Go you! Turn any “nervousness” into pure excitement and get ready to take on the world!

The above were all juicy take-aways from one of my favourite books that I read this past year, Pyscho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I hope that this wisdom inspires your 2020 as it certainly already has for me!

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